[aspectc-user] Making examples work

Daniel Mahrenholz mahrenho at ivs.cs.uni-magdeburg.de
Thu Aug 1 17:46:46 CEST 2002


On Thu, 1 Aug 2002, S. Murali Krishna wrote:
> I am having problems in maing the examples work. Say I am trying to compile and work with the Trace example.
> I type the following commands (This is after executing all the installation instructions)
> cd examples/Trace
> make
> Then I get the follwing errors
> make: Fatal error in reader: Makefile, line 1: Badly formed macro assignment
> What do you think is the problem?

There are two problems. First I think you are using the wrong "make". The
Makefiles are only tested with the GNU make. For Solaris you can get
precompiled packages from http://www.sunfreeware.com or you can compile it
yourself from the source that you can get from http://www.gnu.org. For
Win32 you should install Cygwin (http://sources.redhat.com/cygwin).

Second (minor) problem is, that you should first run ac++ before trying
the example. So
1. make test
2. cd examples/Trace-out
3. make

The Makefile inside the example/Trace directory is not indented to be used
with the unmodified version of the example. But it should be no problem to
compile the unmodified version by hand. For the Trace example call
"g++ main.cc -o main".

You can also call ac++ by hand (without GNU make) - for the Trace example:
"./ac++ -p examples/Trace examples/Trace-out -Iexamples/Trace -v9"
The modified source will than be places in examples/Trace-out where you
can call "make" if you have the GNU make or copy the Trace/mangle.cxx to
Trace-out/mangle.cc and call "g++ -o main main.cc mangle.cc"

Hope that solves your problem. If not, please give a little more
information about your system (OS, compiler) and the version of AspectC++
that you are using.


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