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Olaf Spinczyk olaf at ivs.cs.uni-magdeburg.de
Mon Feb 4 18:21:56 CET 2002


On Monday,  4. February 2002 18:01, you wrote:
> Hello
> Sorry to ask what is probably a silly question, but I am having to learn
> Linux at the same time as trying out aspectc++, so my problems are probably
> nothing to do with aspectc++.  I am using red hat linux 7.2, which may be
> part of the problem.
> I have managed to unpack everything ok and apparently make puma.config ok.
> When I type   make   in the instdir it complains that /etc/puma.config does
> not exist.
> I think I have set environment variables ok, they are
> PUMA=/mnt/aspectc++/Puma
> PUMA_CONFIG=mnt/aspectc++/puma.config
> I copied puma.config to /etc to see if that kept it happy, it did then get
> further, I then get
> * Running AspectC++ 0.3-fix1
> * Simple Dependency Check
>  - Path "FigureObserver/t.cc"
>  - Parsing ...
> /usr/lib/gcc-lib/i386-redhat-linux/2.96/include/stdarg.h:43: error: Parse
> error near token '__builtin_va_list'
> followed by numerous other errors.
> Hoping you can help

It looks as if you called "./pumag++conf.pl puma.config" before setting the 
PUMA environment variable, because ac++ finds the gnu stdarg.h header file 
and not the one in "<instdir>/Puma/Runtime/Include".

It is also important that you define the environment variables with "export 
<VAR>=<VALUE>" (bash) or "setenv <VAR> <VALUE>" (tcsh). I believe this was 
the problem in your case. Variables that are defined with "set <VAR>=<VALUE>" 
are not exported to subprocesses and UNIX shells execute every command in a 

We have to improve the README file to omit this problem in the future.

Thank you for this hint.


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