[aspectc-user] MFC/ac++

Olaf Spinczyk olaf at ivs.cs.uni-magdeburg.de
Mon Feb 11 14:38:27 CET 2002


On Monday, 11. February 2002 14:21, you wrote:
> It appears that I may have the rather dubious honour of being the first to
> construct a Windows MFC application using aspect c++ to generate aspect
> oriented code.

This is great!

> On a separate issue is it a known restriction that typedef types do not
> work in pointcut expresions?  I have
> typedef int BOOL;
> pointcut initDialog() = execution("BOOL %::OnInitDialog()");
> where OnInitDialog is also declared as a BOOL.  This did not generate
> errors but did not recognise OnInitDialog.  When I changed the return type
> to int in the pointcut and the function then all was well.

Well, I know this restriction and we will try to find a solution in future 
release. The implementation is not trivial here.

> Is there a documented list of what is supported in the compiler? I had a
> look on the web site but could not find one.

No, there is not. But we will have to start writing a manual soon.

Please be patient and don't hesitate to ask on aspectc-user at aspectc.org.


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