[aspectc-user] Several Questions

EXTERN Sacher Dominik (Diplomand; FV/SLD) Dominik.Sacher at de.bosch.com
Thu Oct 10 15:25:58 CEST 2002

Dear All!

Several questions concerning several topics:

1) callsto
Is the "callsto"-keyword still valid in ac++?
  pointcut pc_ClassX_GETTER() = callsto("% ClassX::get%(...)");
lets ac++ stop compilation with the error
  error: Name `callsto' is undefined

2) Constructor-Tracing
How to specify Object-Construction-Pointcuts? 
Only via constructors of inner introduced classes (as seen in

  pointcut pc_ClassX_CONS() = call("% operator new(...)");
  pointcut pc_ClassX_CONS() = call("% operator new()");
  pointcut pc_ClassX_CONS() = call("% ClassX::ClassX()");
  pointcut pc_ClassX_CONS() = call("% ClassX::ClassX(...)");
do compile but do not bring the expected result.

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