[aspectc-user] Several Questions && BUGREPORT

EXTERN Sacher Dominik (Diplomand; FV/SLD) Dominik.Sacher at de.bosch.com
Mon Oct 14 14:54:09 CEST 2002

Hi Olaf!
Many thanks for your answer!

> > 1) callsto
> > Is the "callsto"-keyword still valid in ac++?
> > This
> >   pointcut pc_ClassX_GETTER() = callsto("% ClassX::get%(...)");
> > lets ac++ stop compilation with the error
> >   error: Name `callsto' is undefined
> callsto is mentioned in our papers, but not supported 
> anymore. Do you have an 
> example, where 'call' and 'execution' is not suficient?
No, i just tried 'callsto' to figure out its exact meaning.
(It´s still mentioned in "An Aspect-Orientied Implementation of 
 Interrupt Synchronization in the PURE Operating System Family"
 and "Program Instrumentation for Debugging and Monitoring 
 with AspectC++"; btw: Html-Errata "Orientied")

[BUGREPORT] : Syntax Error in generated int main(int argc, char* argv[])
I tested examples/Instances with my own code having an ISO-conform
main-Method as shown above. ac++ generates a wrong main-signature,
which can not be compiled with g++ afterwards.

This advice from from Instances.ah
advice execution ("% main(...)") : void after ()
  printf ("Statistics of instances: %d creations, %d destructions\n",
          _create, _destroy);

used with this main:
int main( int argc, char* argv[] ){
  return 0;

generates this wrong main-method-signature:
int main (int arg0, char *[] arg1) // <-- char* arg1[] !!!
   int result;
   result = __old_main (arg0, arg1);
   return (int)result;

Best regards,

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