[aspectc-user] Using Aspects

Olaf Spinczyk Olaf.Spinczyk at informatik.uni-erlangen.de
Fri Oct 25 17:37:39 CEST 2002


Am Freitag 25 Oktober 2002 15:40 schrieb Prashant Deva:
> I am still pretty new to AOP, so i still dont really get the concepts too
> well.
> But is it possible to use aspects while wrappers or frameworks sort of for
> GUI.
> Like right now you have an object Window, and you can do whatever you want
> with a window by using the methods of Window. Now how can aspects help in
> there?
> The only examples i have seen till now tell me about the use in things like
> logging. Yeah sure it is good to be able to log calls to each method by
> defining an aspect but i still havent seen any other real examples of it.
> Can anyone give me some nice examples to explain the concept and its use a
> bit more, without using too technical terms. OOP has some really good
> examples(OK , i agree it is pretty mature by now)  with real world objects
> like using a bulb, etc but i am yet to see such examples of AOP.

this question should better be asked in one of the mailing lists at 
www.aosd.net, because it is not directly related to AspectC++.

We use AspectC++ to implement several aspects in operating system (kernel) 
code like synchronisation or the architecture of device drivers. I am also 
experimenting with aspects that make normal single-threaded code 
multi-threaded. In all cases I found aspects very useful. This is especially 
true if the program components should be reused in many different system 
configurations (program family concept). You can find our publications on 

Concerning GUIs I remember that some months ago somebody compiled a Windows 
GUI application with AspectC++. This was a difficult task. So I think that 
there must have been a reason for him... Perhaps you get a better answer at 
www.aspectj.org. AspectC++ still has a big problem to parse the header files 
GUI libs like QT, wxWindows, etc. Thus, it's not ready for GUI applications, 
yet. However, I am optimistic that the new parser will help.



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