[aspectc-user] Two Thoughts concerning Naming-Conventions

EXTERN Sacher Dominik (Diplomand; FV/SLD) Dominik.Sacher at de.bosch.com
Thu Oct 31 12:20:37 CET 2002

Dear All!

Has anyone ever thought about Naming-Conventions in *.ah-Files?
If  *.ah-files grow bigger and several developers need to write and 
understand the code, some Naming-Conventions would be helpfull.
Or are the most Poincut-Definitions so complicated, that they
can not be named nicely by an acceptable, "speaking" name?

pointcut pc_AllCallsTo_setX__OR_setZ__AND_NOT__to_setY() = call ...

wouldn´t help anything.

I wonder how the names in the generated code where choosen.
Can anyone explain the conventions please?

static inline void __advice_1_Observer_Aspect_call_ScreenScreen_FivE_0( ...

"FivE" == "F_unction i_nline v_oid E_???"


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