[aspectc-user] Issues using AspectC

S. Murali Krishna mkrishna at miel.mot.com
Tue Sep 3 16:02:38 CEST 2002

Dear Daniel/Olaf,

We have been trying to use aspectc quite agressively in our jobs but we are
facing problems during the weaving stage. Since the project sizes are quite
large we have multiple #includes as well as files including header files,
which in turn include other header files and so on. I have tried to weave my
aspect code alongwith such files but have failed. The errors that are very
common are the parse errors. The compilation process wihout the aspects goes
very smoothly. We use the Sun's C Compiler as well as gcc/g++.

All the header file paths are given as -I options. When the header files are
1 level away, there is no problem. The problem is typical to #includes
spanning over 2-3 levels like for e.g main.cc including main.h, which in
turn includes main1.h, which in turn includes main2.h.

The second problem that I have faced is with using the STL.

Please comment on this. When are you planning to incorporate the STL

Also when are coming out with your next release?


S. Murali Krishna
Software Engineer,
Software Technology Group (SofTec),
Motorola India Electronics Pvt. Ltd. (MIEL)
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