[aspectc-user] AspectC/Sun's C Compiler

S. Murali Krishna mkrishna at miel.mot.com
Fri Sep 6 07:24:37 CEST 2002

Dear Daniel/Olaf,

I have been trying to integrate AspectC with C programs which are getting
compiled by the Sun's C Compiler.

the pumag++conf.pl file seems to be a PUMA G++ configurator. Therefore when
I set CC  = cc and CXX = CC (My C compiler (gcc equivalent) and my C++
compiler (my g++ equivalent)) and run ./pumag++conf.pl puma.config CC, then
the puma.config has just about 3 lines
-D __puma
-D __cplusplus
-I /users/gbr/aspectc++-0.6/Puma/Runtime/Include

although when I had done it for the gcc/g++ the file was longer with quite a
lot of -D, -I and -A options. I somehow feel that the Sun's C/C++ compiler
should have a corresponding pumag++conf.pl.

Am I correct??

Has AspectC support for the Sun's C compilers been tested?? OR Is the
AspectC version only for gcc/g++??


S. Murali Krishna
Software Engineer,
Software Technology Group (SofTec),
Motorola India Electronics Pvt. Ltd. (MIEL)
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