[aspectc-user] More Fun with TAO

Gary Duzan gduzan at bbn.com
Thu Aug 7 21:14:25 CEST 2003

In Message <3F328CC8.4030105 at pure-systems.com> ,
   Matthias Urban <matthias.urban at pure-systems.com> wrote:

=>> =>This is a bug in the PUMA C preprocessor that uses strtol() instead of 
=>> =>strtoul() for converting large decimal numbers. It will be fixed in the 
=>> =>next release (0.7.1) of AspectC++ comming very soon.
=>>    Ok. For now, is the #error directive stopping the parsing, or does it
=>> continue on?
=>The #error directive stops the parsing, i.e. further tokens are not any 
=>longer passed on to the C/C++ parser.

   Ok, I hacked the Puma sources enough to get past this problem, but
now I have a new issue. TAO's OS.h defines an ACE_OS class with the
following member:

  static int madvise (caddr_t addr,
                      size_t len,
                      int advice);

Naturally, ac++ is complaining that "advice" is not valid in the middle
of a member declaration. I can see this issue coming up elsewhere, as
well. Any chance that ac++ will be able to deal with this sort of thing?


					Gary Duzan
					BBN Technologies
					A Verizon Company

p.s. In case anyone is wondering, I'm exploring the possibility of using
     AspectJ and AspectC++ as back-ends to QuO ( http://www.quality-objects.com/ )
     as an alternative to the delegate classes we emit now, which must be
     added to the code manually.

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