[aspectc-user] Seg Fault in RCSID Code

Gary Duzan gduzan at bbn.com
Fri Aug 8 00:06:21 CEST 2003

   ACE has a macro for forcing an RCS id into the compilation unit
which is causing ac++ to seg fault while parsing. I've put together
a trivial example and attached it in a shar. To recreate the problem,
save the attachment, run "sh" on it to extract it and run:

	ac++ -p ac_bug -d ac_bug/out -v9

The result for me was:

* Running ac++ 0.7
* Simple Dependency Check
  - new or modified: ./TestTrace.ah
  - new or modified: ./Trace.ah
  - new or modified: ./mangle.h
* Handling Translation Unit `foo.cc'.
  - Path "./foo.cc"
  - Parsing ...
  - Weaving Introductions ...
  - intros for TestTrace4
  - Final checks before weaving introductions
  - Class Join Points
  - Weaving Advice Declarations ...
  - Weaving Singleton Aspects ...
  - Commiting
  - Parsing again ...
  - Changing member protections ...
  - Weaving Join Points ...
    Collecting Advice
      TestTrace4: __a0_before
        Evaluate Pointcut
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

					Gary Duzan
					BBN Technologies
					A Verizon Company

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