[aspectc-user] Announcement AspectC++ 0.7pre1 v3

Danilo Beuche danilo.beuche at pure-systems.com
Mon Mar 3 19:12:34 CET 2003


it took us quite a while to finally release a new version of AspectC++
but here we are: AspectC++ Release 0.7pre1 "More power, more bugs" is 
available for Linux, Solaris and Win32!! This is an experimental 
pre-release of the upcoming 0.7.

This release includes a completely new parser which is more flexible and
powerful. Basic template stuff already does work. However, template
support is not yet complete enough to be very useful. STL code cannot be
parsed yet, due to some minor parser problems. We decided to release
this version because it supports everything which was present in 0.6 and

The commandline interface has been changed slightly:
	"-p" doesn't allow two arguments anymore, use
	"-p dir-in -d dir-out" instead.

The "-x" switch to select the support of language dialects (GNU,Borland
C++, ...) is currently not available.

The PUMA_CONFIG ( usually called puma.config ) has a slightly different
    format. Please update this file with the new pumag++conf.pl

There are still bugs. We now provide a bug tracking system at
http://www.aspectc.org/bugzilla. Please use this system to report bugs.

Packages for all targets are available from http://www.aspectc.org.
If you encounter difficulties parsing some header files, we need your
feedback to extend and adapt AspectC++.

- AspectC++ expects C++ files to be named as .cc. If your are
using other extensions, you can specify them with the -e command line

Example: if your files are named as .cpp call ac++ as "ac++ -e cpp"

If you are using more than just one file extension, you can give a
regular expression as the argument of -e to specify them - don't use
multiple -e switches i.e. -e "(cxx|cpp)" .

Special notes on the Win32 version:

- The Win32 package is a ZIP archive. If you are using WinZip you should
extract the archive to C:\ - all the files contained in the archive will
be placed under C:\AC.

- The package contains the three files env.bat, examples.bat and
pumabc55.cfg that show how to setup environment variables for BCC55 and
how to run AspectC++ and the BCC compiler on the examples.

- This version is only tested with the free version of Borland C++ 5.5
available from htt;/www.borland.com. It should work with other
compilers, as long as AspectC++ can parse the include files provided by
this compiler.

Danilo Beuche
Danilo Beuche                           Phone: +49-391-54456910
pure-systems GmbH                       Fax:   +49-391-54456990

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