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Olaf Spinczyk Olaf.Spinczyk at informatik.uni-erlangen.de
Mon Jan 19 10:27:30 CET 2004


saurabhj at mastek.com wrote:
> I have a project folder called usermanager. In this directory other files with extension .cpp and .hpp are there, i want to insert AOP code in a particular file named INANZusermanager_UserManagerImpl.cpp in Usermanager directory, for this task i created one file named INANZUsermanager_AOP.ah in Usermanager directory. now my folder tree is like this:
> Usermanager
> |
> |--- INANZusermanager_UserManagerImpl.cpp
> |--- INANZUsermanager_AOP.ah
> |--- other1.hpp
> |--- other2.cpp
> |--- blah, blah, blah
> now i am giving following command from command prompt:
> ac++ -p usermanager -d usermanager\AOP_OUT -I INANZusermanager -ecpp -v9
> after compilation compiler is creating new set of files in usermanager\AOP_OUT directory, ideally compiler should have created a new file INANZusermanager_UserManagerImpl.cpp in AOP_OUT directory, but why it is not creted ?
> my INANZusermanager_UserManagerImpl.cpp file is linked with other files and header files also, can i compile only this file for weaving aop code.
> please help me out  .. 
> saurabh jain
> developer, mastek ltd
> mumbai- India
> saurabhj at mastek.com

if you use the whole program transformation mode the target directory 
should not be a subdirectory of the source directory. The next time you 
call ac++ you would weave in woven code, which is not what you wanted. 
The second problem is that your -I option was not correct. So better use:

ac++ -p usermanager -d usermanager-out -I Usermanager -ecpp -v9

As decribed below ac++ has a problem with your header file extension 
.hpp. As a workaround you could write a header file with the extension 
.h that includes all .hpp header files.

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> Hello,
> saurabhj at mastek.com wrote:
>>I am using ac++ compiler , I want to compile files with extension .cpp, > and my requirement is to create a output file ac_gen.cpp instead of 
>>default ac_gen.cc , but when I give -ecpp in command line the compiler 
>>starts compiling all the files having extension .cpp, I just want to 
>>compile the file say XYZ.cpp with aop file XYZ.ah, is it possible or 
>>not?if yes then how because my projects has so many files having 
>>extension .cpp also having other files having extension .hpp. Please 
>>help me out.
>>Saurabh jain
> if you compile in the whole program tranformation mode (with -p ... -d 
> ...) and use the option -e cpp the file acgen.cpp will be created. In 
> the single translation unit mode you select the name of the output file 
> with the -o option. To generate an acgen.cpp use "-g -o acgen.cpp". This 
> is described in the compiler manual.
> The header file extension .hpp is a problem, because ac++ searches all 
> project directories for files with the extension .h to generate 
> acgen.cpp/cc or manipulated header files. As a workaround you could 
> create a single file with the extension .h inside your project tree that 
> includes all your .hpp files.
> I hope this helps for the moment. We know that this header file handling 
> needs a better solution, but that takes some time as other problems also 
> have to be handled urgently.
> Best regards,
> Olaf Spinczyk
> PS: If you have any questions regarding C++ use either the mailing list 
> aspectc-user at aspectc.org or info at aspectc.org please.

Please, don't send your mails to all of these addresses. One is enough.



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