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Wed Jul 14 16:57:06 CEST 2004

> Can you give us some more information about the problems? 
For now I am trying to compile only non boost code. I haven't msvc7 so i am using msvc8 (Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2005 Beta). 
I use ac++ v.0.9pre1 in the WPT mode.
I found that:
1) ac++ don't recognize the "__thiscall" and the "__clrcall" Microsoft keywords. I solved this defining:
-D __thiscall=
-D __clrcall=
in the puma.cfg file.
2) In the STL implementation Microsoft use code like this:
class _CRTIMP_PURE exception
{ // base of all library exceptions
exception& __CLR_OR_THIS_CALL operator=(const exception& _That)
        if (this != &_That)
            this->exception::exception(_That);       // -> AC++ ERROR
        return *this;
but ac++ report an error:
D:/Programmi/Microsoft Visual Studio 8/VC/INCLUDE/exception:120: error: `exception::exception' does not refer to object or function

Is this a Microsoft C++ extension? Can I solve this?


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riccobene-zzzz0002 at mailblocks.com wrote: 
> Hello, 
> > I am having problems compiling the boost library (http://www.boost.org). 
> > I am using ac++ v. 0.9pre1. 
> > Has anyone compiled it? 
> > thanks, 
> michelangelo 
Well, boost is a fancy template library and the template support in ac++ is ongoing work, i.e. the implementation is not 100% complete. The STL can only be parsed, because we don't analyse the template instances. However, in some situations there might be some information missing. 
Therefore, I'm not very much surprised. 
Can you give us some more information about the problems? 
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