[aspectc-user] How to introduce a method into a class ??

Jean J jean_10452 at yahoo.fr
Tue Jul 27 17:13:31 CEST 2004


I am trying to introduce some variables and methods
into a class using AspectC++. As i read into the
quickref for aspectC++ "if the advice is not
recognized of being of a predefined kind, is is
regarded as an introduction of a new method,
attribute, or type ..."

my code is the following :

aspect TEST {
advice "Class1" : void do_some_work() {
							  cout << "doing some work" << endl;

But i get an error with ac++ :

In file included from ac_gen.cc:32:
test.ah:3: syntax error before `{'
ac_gen.cc:7: syntax error before `::'

Is the syntax of my method introduction ok or not ?
any suggestions ?



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