[aspectc-user] How to introduce a method into a class ??

Jean J jean_10452 at yahoo.fr
Thu Jul 29 10:33:54 CEST 2004

Thank you for you answer,

Now I am able to weave before/around/after advice into
my method calls/executions and introduce new
fields/methods into my classes.

I can see the result in the resulting file (ac.out by
default) generated by ac++.

BUT I have a problem when compiling (with ac++) this
file (ac.out that I rename test.cc) in the case where
I have introduced a method. I get the following error

test.ah:11: redefinition of `class TEST'
test.ah:11: previous definition here

In the case where i have introduced before/after
advice, the file compiles and links seamlessly to the
rest of my application.

I don't know if someone else has already encountered
such a problem and managed to solve it.

My aspect (test.ah) is the following :


aspect TEST {
    advice "Class1" : 
        void do_some_work() {
        printf("doing some work\n");

And the resulting file in the generated ac.out has the
following code :

class Class1 {


// original methods

void do_some_work() {
printf("doing some work\n");

// other code


 --- Bartosz Blimke <masb at chorwacja.com> a écrit : 
> > Hello,
> >
> > I'm gonna look more into my code to see if there
> is a
> > problem else where. On the other hand what is the
> > syntax to indicate that this method is going to be
> > public ?
> >
> > thanks
> >
> Method introduced into the class has the same
> visiblity
> as the advice where it is defined inside an aspect.
> If you want it to be public in the target class,
> just define advice
> as a public.
> aspect TEST {
> public: // <- add public: keyword here
> advice "Class1" : void do_some_work() {
>                              cout << "doing some
> work" << endl;
>                              return;
>                             }
> };
> Bartosz


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