[aspectc-user] How to include files with aspectC++

Mikael Björk mikbj303 at student.liu.se
Mon May 17 11:20:46 CEST 2004


I'm working on a configurable real-time database which uses aspects to add various features to the database management system, such as concurrency control and quality of service control. The program is spread over a lot of files in many directories.

Often I encounter compile errors in the weaved code that seems to depend on how and where various header files are included. These are usually solved after some testing by moving include-statements around. On one instance removing an inclusion made it work. Maybe I should point out that all header files are protected by inclusion guards.

This seems like an impractical solution but I have looked through the documentation and not found any explanations of rules regarding inclusions. So my question is whether there are some kind of rules regarding how things should be included for it to work properly with aspectc++.

Also I have looked some a the files which are produced by weaving and noticed that a lot of code introduced by the weaver is duplicated, the same weaver-created class can appear in several places in the resulting file. Is it supposed to be like that or am I doing something wrong while weaving.

Code snippets to show my problems would be rather long so I omitted them on purpose.


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