[aspectc-user] Element counter example -- getting compile error

siva chelliah s.chelliah at samsung.com
Wed May 26 22:14:46 CEST 2004



I am trying to test the code in the tutorial and getting a compile error. I
am using AC++ 0.8.1 on windows 2000 system. I am also using Borland c++


C:\workspace>ac++ -p Queue  -d Queue-out -IQueue -v 9

* Running ac++ 0.8.1

* Simple Dependency Check

  - new or modified: Queue/ElementCounter.ah

  - new or modified: Queue/ErrorAspect.ah

* Handling Translation Unit `main.cc'.

  - Path "Queue/main.cc"

  - Inserting namespace AC

  - Parsing ...

Queue/ElementCounter.ah(12): error: invalid member declaration near token


Here is the complete file:


aspect ElementCounter


      //int counter;


         advice "Queue" : int counter;




         advice "Queue" : int count() { return  counter; } <-- typo in the
tutorial[ int count instead of int count()]


      advice execution("% Queue::enqueue(...)") 

           && that(queue) : after(Queue& queue ) <-------------- this is the
error line



            printf("num ele after enqueue = %d\n", q.count());



      advice execution("% Queue::dequeue(...)")

      && that(q) : after( Queue& q )


            if (q.count() > 0) {



            printf("num ele after dequeue %d\n", q.count());




Please help.


Siva Chelliah

Samsung Telecommunications America

1301 East Lookout Dr.   Richardson, TX 75082

972-761-7903 (fax: 7909)

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