[aspectc-user] Aspect and GCC 3.4.1

jorgefm at cirsa.com jorgefm at cirsa.com
Wed Nov 17 12:12:56 CET 2004


I'm trying to compile the ac-0.9-Sources.tar.gz or
reinstall the old ac-0.8.1-Sources.tar.gz in my new
Mandrake 10.1 platform with no success. The gcc
version is 3.4.1. I've follow the faq trick to use
an old headers with no luck (I've used the 3.3.2 header
used to compile the ac-0.8.1 version in my 'old'
Mandrake 10.0 platform)

With this mix i get to the compiling phase but when
it tries to compile 'PreAssertionEvaluator.cc' i get
the next messages:

Generating dependencies for PreAnswer.cc.
Compiling PreAnswer.cc.
Compiling PreAssertionEvaluator.cc.
In file included from
/tmp/ac-0.8.1-Sources/Puma/gen/step2/inc/Puma/WinMacros.ah: In function
`void AC::invoke_WinMacros_WinMacros_a0_before(JoinPoint*)':
/tmp/ac-0.8.1-Sources/Puma/gen/step2/inc/Puma/WinMacros.ah:128: error:
non-template `Arg' used as template
/tmp/ac-0.8.1-Sources/Puma/gen/step2/inc/Puma/WinMacros.ah:128: note: use
`Binding::template Arg' to indicate that it is a template
/tmp/ac-0.8.1-Sources/Puma/gen/step2/inc/Puma/WinMacros.ah:128: warning:
declaration does not declare anything
/tmp/ac-0.8.1-Sources/Puma/gen/step2/inc/Puma/WinMacros.ah:129: error:
`Arg0' has not been declared
make[2]: *** [/tmp/ac-0.8.1-Sources/Puma/gen/obj/PreAssertionEvaluator.o]
Error 1
make[1]: *** [step3] Error 2
make: *** [src] Error 2

The file '/tmp/ac-0.8.1-Sources/Puma/gen/step2/inc/Puma/WinMacros.ah'
is exactly the same to the generated in the old platform but with the
new compiler it doesn't compile!

Any help is appreciated!


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