[aspectc-user] Announcement of AspectC++ 0.9

Olaf Spinczyk Olaf.Spinczyk at informatik.uni-erlangen.de
Fri Oct 22 20:27:58 CEST 2004


only a week after the last pre-release we now uploaded the new AspectC++ 
release 0.9 to www.aspectc.org. This time we made binaries for Linux 
(+static), Win32, and Solaris. We also uploaded the woven version of the 
sources to facilitate porting the AspectC++ compiler to new platforms.

The new version comes with the following new features (excerpt from the

Version 0.9 (2004-10-21)

         * fixed several problems related to construction and destruction
           join points:
           - in generated copy constructor enumerators and anonymous
             attributes are no longer copied. The generated code was
             wrong and could not be compiled.
           - in generated copy constructors base classes that are
             template instances are now initialized correctly
             (works only with --real-instances)
           - construction and destruction join points are now handled
             correctly by 'that' and 'within'.

	* don't save ac_gen.cc anymore when generating the
	  include files in WPT mode. Link-once code is not needed

         * updated the example makefiles

These are only minor improvements and bug fixes, but we wanted to finish 
the release before the OOPSLA/GPCE conference, where AspectC++ will be 
presented by Daniel.

---- *Solaris* users: ----
look into the README file. The ag++ generate parser configuration file 
does not contain -D _WCHAR_T. You have to add this manually in order to 
be able to parse the stddef.h system header file. Sorry for this 
inconvenience! We'll find a solution for this problem until the next 
release is published.

We were not able to integrate weaving in templates into the 0.9 version 
yet, but weaving call advice for STL template member functions already 
works in the new experimental parser mode, which is activate with the 
--real-instances option.

Please continue to help us improve the ac++ implementation by entering
bug reports at http://www.aspectc.org/bugzilla or simply asking
questions on this mailing list. We are happy to see that more and more
users already provide this feedback!

Best regards,

Olaf Spinczyk

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