[aspectc-user] recognizing different object of the same class

Hans VB hans.vanbroeckhoven at telenet.be
Fri Feb 4 17:55:20 CET 2005


for my project I need to differentiate between 2 objects of a class, say 
class Collection, objects CollectionA and CollectionB.
I do this by keeping a vector in my aspect which holds the addresses of 
the Collection-objects and later comparing these addresses with the 
current address of a method call, say add().

aspect LoggingAspect {
    pointcut collectionConstruction()=construction("Collection");
    pointcut collectionAdd()=execution("% Collection::add(...)");
    vector<Collection*> usedCollections;
    advice collectionConstruction() : after() {
       usedCollections.push_back( tjp->that() );
    advice collectionAdd() : after() {
       int i=0;
       while( tjp->that() != usedCollections[i]) { i++ };
       cout << i << "th collection performed an add" << endl;

The biggest disadvantage of this is I can't get the names of the real 
objects (e.g. CollectionA, CollectionB, ...), I only have a number (the 
order in which the collections were constructed) to distinguish between 
My question is if it is ├╝berhaupt possible to get these names now, or in 
some future version of AspectC++. Maybe I'm missing some AC++ constructs 
that would be more appropriate here ? Any ideas greatly appreciated!


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