[aspectc-user] Re: Using MatchCollector from PUMA

Matthias Urban matthias.urban at pure-systems.com
Mon Jan 24 18:05:41 CET 2005


> Hi!
> I was wondering if anyone knew how to use the MatchCollector class from
> the PUMA library (which is part of Aspect C++).
> I tried creating a MatchCollector instance by
> MatchCollector collector("\\do-expression a");
> On execution, it complains that
> <anonymous unit>:1: error: invalid declaration near token
> `\do-expression'
> I haven't been able to get it to match anything. The only expression
> that it accepted without complaints was "}".
> So the questions are:
> 1. Can I get some samples of working match expressions? The samples
> from the User's Guide, which seems out of date, don't seem to work.
> 2. I am actually trying to look for expressions involving instances of
> template classes. Is this possible with the latest version?
> Thanks in advance.
> Bing-Chang Lai

Unfortunately we haven't used the match mechanism for a long time and so 
aren't able to tell you if it still works. Furthermore no one of us has 
ever tried to match template instances.

Since there is still a lot of other things to do regarding Puma I can't 
tell you when we are able to review the match mechanism. As an 
alternative you could write your own syntax tree visitor (inherited from 
CVisitor) to find the syntactical structures you are searching for.

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