[aspectc-user] Examples of AspectC++ in Action?

Daniel Lohmann Daniel.Lohmann at informatik.uni-erlangen.de
Thu Jul 21 13:11:41 CEST 2005

Hi Frank,

Frank J. Iannarilli wrote:

> I am asking my colleagues to consider employing AspectC++ in an 
> upcoming development project.  I am presently contending with 
> explaining the benefits of AOP, and the maturity of AspectC++ (ac++).

Cool! :-)

> I do like the ac++ 2005 tutorial slides for the AOP explanation. In 
> one of the recent mail-list entries, Olaf mentioned working on a 
> magazine article (for ac++) -- is that available?

The mentioned magazin article is in the current (07) issue of "Software
Developer's Journal":

Olaf Spinczyk, Daniel Lohmann, and Matthias Urban, AspectC++: An AOP
extension for C++, Software Developers Journal (07), Software-Sydawnicto
Sp. z o.o., June, 2005, Warsaw, Poland

It is available and shippend in Polish, English and French. According to
the editor they are available in the following countries:

Polish version (6.000) is available in Poland.
French is available (8.000) in France mainly, but also in Canada,
Luxembourg, Belgium.
English is available (6.000) in Austria, Morocco, Spain, France,
Germany, The Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden,
Switzerland, Canada, USA, Hungary and India.

And the fastest way is to subscribe to the mag at

AFAIK they also have an online shop, where it is possible to buy single
issues or even single articles electronically.  You may also take a look
in our recent AspectC++-related publications


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