[aspectc-user] capturing memory allocations

Tiago Rodrigues omicronix at gmail.com
Tue Mar 22 00:08:24 CET 2005

Hi, i'm new to aspectc,
i'm trying to capture heap memory allocations to do a sort of memory profiller.
My problem is that my advices don't get applied to the code.

Here is an example:

aspect MemProf
        advice call("% operator new(...)") || call("% %::operator
new(...)") : before()
              std::cout << "call to new()" << std::endl;

sample code:
int main()
        class Test {};
	Test *t  = new Test;
        int *i = new int[10];
        delete[] i;
	delete t;
	return 0;

the advice isn't being applied to the new calls.
anyone can help?

using: ac-0.9.2, on linux
gcc version: 3.4.3

thanks in advance,
Tiago R.

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