[aspectc-user] Aspect templating

Manuel Menezes de Sequeira Manuel.Sequeira at iscte.pt
Tue May 3 13:15:34 CEST 2005

Hi Olav,

> Template aspects are a nice idea. However, aspects are instantiated 
> implicitly by default and therefore the programmer doesn't have a 
> chance to pass the template parameter.

Right.  On the other hand, aspect templates could be defined in 
AspectC++ to have no implicit instantiation.  They would have to be 
instantiated explicitely.  For instance, something like:

    // file1
    // No effect unless instantiated explicitelly:
    template <class T>
    aspect MakeSingletonOf {

    // file2

    class MyClass {


    template aspect MakeSingletonOf<MyClass>; // using C++ explicit
    template instantiation syntax.

In a sense, this is achievable with abstract aspects.  However, it would 
be more powerful, since T might be used in a consistent way in several 
different contexts within the aspect template.

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