[aspectc-user] Weaved Join Points not Executing

Mark Hennessy markh at cs.nuim.ie
Mon Nov 21 22:13:24 CET 2005

I have a simple pointcut defined to trace the execution
of every method within a class. 

pointcut method() = within("Actions");

advice method() : before()
		printf("%s\n", JoinPoint::signature ());

When I weave the aspect and use the -v9 parameter
passed to ac++, a list of execution Join Points are printed
out for example:

void Actions::function_definition_1(cAsgNode *)

but when I go to test the weaved system, only a small
selection of the Join Points actually get executed.
If I manually insert tracing code within function_definition_1
method, it is being executed but the weaved code
wont print out that is has been executed.

The -v9 option says that all of the methods have been
woven but the execution only prints out a tiny amount
of the methods when I know they are being executed
so what am I doing wrong?

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