[aspectc-user] run-time aspects

Jamal Siadat siadat at cpsc.ucalgary.ca
Mon Nov 28 10:40:36 CET 2005

Hi All,
I just have a couple of questions I was wondering if you may address for
me please:
first Does AspectC++ suopport the expansion of a particular class by two
different aspects that may be compiled simuntaniously?
for instance is it possible to have a class "A" and use aspects "B" and
"C" to add some methods/variables to it. ( each of A and B add different
methods and variables).

If the answer to the first part is yes Then is there any way create
objects of A, B or C independently? Here is an example:

class A{
int a;
void b();

aspect B {
pointcut add() : "A";
add (): int y;
//adding integer y to class A

aspect C {
pointcut addition() : "A";
addition (): bool Q;
//adding bolean Q to class A

Can I compile B and C simuntaniously? if so when I am running the program
can I have:
B b;
If not, what alternatives would I have so I can just create B type  at
run-time like above?

Thanks all,

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