[aspectc-user] Using AspectC with Eclipse in Linux

Pericles Leng Cheng pcheng at cs.ucy.ac.cy
Sun Oct 9 23:47:56 CEST 2005

Dear all,

This is my first time in this forum and my first time using AspectC.
Therefore most of my questions will probably be stupid.

I installed Eclipse version 3.0.2 and added the ACDT plugin for AspectC. I
tried building a managed C and C++ file and it runs fine. Now I got the
example code from the AspectC tutorial and tried to run it but I am not sure
how to do that. I created the main.cpp and queue.h files and another file
named ElementCounter2.ah but how do you build and run these?

I am new in using Eclipse too so I was wondering if there is a more detailed
example showing how to use Eclipse to build and run it.

Thank you in advance for helping me,

Pericles Leng Cheng

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