[aspectc-user] Re: Symbian meet Aspect C++

Marti Bayo-alemany malemany at nero.com
Tue Sep 13 16:05:58 CEST 2005

Hi all,
The same error happens to be also with the following case...

inline void NConfigDataGUI::__exec_old_SetEqualizerPresetSelection(unsigned long int value){
 m_iEqualizerPresetSelection = value;

../SRC-AH-OUT/Guihelperclasses.cpp:1248: no `void   NConfigDataGUI::__exec_old_SetEqualizerPresetSelection(long unsigned int)'
   member function declared in class `NConfigDataGUI'

It makes sense because the following method is not defined ...

It is needed to generate new header files. How it is that done ?

Best wishes,

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  Hi all,

  Actually some code generated from Aspect C++ ...
  inline void CNotifyCall::__exec_old_DoCancel(){



  is giving to me the following error...

  ../SRC-AH-OUT/Gapiapplication.cpp:1697: no `void

  CNotifyCall::__exec_old_DoCancel()' member function declared in class


  any idea ?

  Best wishes,
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