[aspectc-user] Fwd: missing class declaration in puma library?

Matthias Urban matthias.urban at pure-systems.com
Tue Aug 8 10:45:31 CEST 2006

Hi Terry,

> I am a graduate student from Concordia University, Canada. I am
> experimenting with the Puma library and plan to work with it in my research
> project.

Nice to hear. What kind of research project are you working on, if I may 

> While following the online Puma document, of which the last update dates
> back in 2001, I found some of the classes mentioned in the example codes
> missing, e.g. class TN_ClassDatabase and class CppScanner.
> I am wondering if these classes are deprecated (I noticed some TN_ prefixed
> codes commented out in aspect c++ source code) or if they are dynamically
> woven by ac++. It will be much appreciated if you could possible tell the
> right header file for using these classes. If they are deprecated, what are
> the current equivalents?

This documentation is completely out of date, sorry. Currently we are 
working on a new documentation (Puma/doc/UsersManual), but the 
interesting chapters are not yet written. If you have questions, simply 
post on the aspectc-user mailing list or contact me directly.

At the moment you can get the Puma sources as part of the AspectC++ 
source packages at www.aspectc.org. If you are interested in the current 
development version of Puma (CVS snapshot) simply ask me.

To your question: the class names are now CClassDatabase 
(Puma/infos/CClassDatabase.h) and CScanner (Puma/scanner/CScanner.h).


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