[aspectc-user] NodeName: Error

Panu Bloigu panu.bloigu at mbnet.fi
Tue Dec 5 11:10:29 CET 2006


I'm afraid I wasn't clear enough in my analysis. I'm sorry for this, because
it seems to have caused a misunderstanding.

> Thank you for this detailed analysis. It helped a lot. I've added a
> corresponding bug report (#325).

In the bug report there is an example of an attempt to initialize an integer
data member. In that case the compiler lets the proper message go through
and prints out errors similar to those in the bug report. However, the
problem seems to be of more specific nature. Simply put, atleast with
integer data members it prints corrects errors, but in the case presented in
my earlier posts it does not. Which are the specific cases in which the
'NodeName: Error' is printed, is something that would require alot more
examination. The integer member initialization is, to my experience, not one
of them. If I find the time, I can go about experimenting with this, but at
this moment I'm afraid I do not have the time available.

Again, sorry for not being more specific.


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