[aspectc-user] What is the roadmap for AspectC++?

Javier Estrada JEstrada at plantcml.com
Thu Dec 21 00:10:08 CET 2006

I'm curious to know what the roadmap is for AspectC++.  I've seen the
last update to be in March 2006 (about 9 months) for 1.0 Pre 3, but
nothing else since then.

I am very interested in using the technology in our company, but have
backed away from it, even after buying the plug-in for VS .NET  because
I consider that it is still in high fluctuation.  I believe there is
great potential for the technology in commercial applications (nothing
new here :-), but it does not seem to reach a 1.0 version, and it hasn't
for a couple of years.

Would someone care to comment? Olaf?

Kind regards

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