[aspectc-user] generate includes...

Olaf Spinczyk Olaf.Spinczyk at informatik.uni-erlangen.de
Thu Feb 9 22:19:32 CET 2006

Hi Tom,

the first question that comes into my mind is: do you have an include 
guard in your aspect header file?

#ifndef __my_aspect_ah__
#define __my_aspect_ah__

aspect ...

#endif // __my_aspect_ah__

If it still does not work, start with a very simple aspect and extend it 

- Olaf

Cottenier Thomas-A61008 wrote:
>Hi all,
>I'm trying to get started with AspectC++ using the add-in for visual
>The examples work fine.
>Yet, when I try to integrate an aspect into one of my applications, ac++
>seems to get into an infinite loop when generating the includes:
>The system cannot find the file specified.
>generating includes ...
>I inserted the stdafx.h header at the beginning of every header file.
>Any ideas?
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