[aspectc-user] introductions into sourcefiles

Olaf Spinczyk Olaf.Spinczyk at informatik.uni-erlangen.de
Mon Jan 30 08:54:39 CET 2006

Hi Martin,

the mechanism works with any class, because the code is simply inserted 
into the .cc and .h file of the target class. The only condition is that 
there already has to be a .cc file for the class that already contains 
the definition of at least one non-inline member function or static 
attribute definition. Otherwise the weaver would complain.

If it still does not work, post  a simple example.

- Olaf

Martin Kuhlemann wrote:
> Hello Olaf,
> thank you for your reply.
> Is it possible, that this only works for classes with 
> default-constructor?
> (Otherwise I get a linker-error, because the method-body got lost.)
> Thank you and best Regards
> Martin
> Olaf Spinczyk schrieb:
>> Hello Martin,
>> here is an example:
>> aspect Foo {
>>   // introduction of the declaration into the class Body of Bar
>>   advice "Bar": void func();
>> };
>> // introduction of the implementation, e.g. into Bar.cc
>> advice "Bar" : void Foo::func() { ... }
>> Note that the aspect name "Foo" in "Foo::func" will be replaced by 
>> the target class name "Bar" in the generated code.
>> These "non-inline function introductions" only work if the target 
>> class already has a non-inline member function or a static data 
>> member, because the introduced non-inline function will be inserted 
>> into the same translation unit. If there is no such member, ac++ will 
>> stop with an error message.
>> It is rather likely that the *syntax* of non-inline introductions 
>> will change in one of the next ac++ releases. However, the feature 
>> will remain.
>> - Olaf
>> Martin Kuhlemann wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> is there a way to force AspectC++ to divide method-introductions 
>>> into header and sourcefile?
>>> My code is only compilable by the C++-compiler after I manually put 
>>> the introduced methods from the headerfile into the cc-file.
>>> Thank you and best Regards.
>>> Martin
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