[aspectc-user] Problem with examples codes

Yan Mao maoyan at gmx.net
Thu Jul 13 15:46:14 CEST 2006


It's the first time for me to use Mail list, I hope, I did it correctly.

I am new to AOP and AspectC++. 
I began with the example codes from the compiler package, and found out that, the examples FigureObserver ID and Order dont work well.
for example:
....\examples>ac++ -p ID -d ID-OUT  -v9
* Running ac++ 1.0pre3
* Simple Dependency Check
* Handling Translation Unit `id.cc'.
  - Path "ID/id.cc"
  - Inserting namespace AC
  - Parsing ...
ID/id.cc:10: error: invalid declaration near token `IDs'
  - Aborting

I tried to seperate the Aspects in an .ah file, and it worked.

I dont know, this is a bug of the compiler, or this is my problem.


Yan Mao

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