[aspectc-user] Announcement of ACDT 3.0.2 for Eclipse 3.1.x

Rainer Sand zandyman at gmx.de
Thu May 25 22:41:41 CEST 2006


today we publish a new release of the AspectC++ Development Tools
(ACDT) for Eclipse.

New in ACDT 3.0.2

     * improved AspectC++ Cross References View:
       - advice code could be displayed in a separate source viewer
       - breakpoints could be set at multiple join points via the context
          menu of aspects, advices etc.
       - Comparison Mode for local and global crosscutting changes

     * Problem marker generation for inactive advices is provided under
        'AspectC++ Project Properties'

     * improved Debug Stepping Mode (without woven source files) also
        hides the call stack frames of acc files, now

     * Code folding for woven source files is available under Window,
        Preferences, C/C++, Editor, Folding

For more information about the ACDT (screenshots, installation, support,
etc.) visit the ACDT web site:


Have fun,


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