[aspectc-user] Bug?, 1.0-pre3

Carsten V. Munk cvm at daimi.au.dk
Wed May 31 15:04:47 CEST 2006

ac++ crashes if i provide a -a parameter where the header file indicated 
is empty.:

int main(int argc, char **argv)
   return 1;

blank.h is a 0-size file (is solveable by giving it some contents)

[stskeeps at bsd ~/t]$ ag++ -a blank.h -c foo.cc
Segmentation fault (core dumped)
error: Execution failed: "ac++" --config "puma.config"  -a"blank.h" -p. 
-c "foo.cc" -o "foo.acc"

(gdb) bt
#0  0x0804ef1e in Puma::Unit::name (this=0x0) at Unit.h:111
#1  0x08081e95 in Naming::mangle_file (out=@0xbfbc9adc, unit=0x0)
     at Naming.cc:361
#2  0x0804e3f2 in ACWeaver::aspect_include (this=0xbfbfe5d0,
     includes=@0xbfbc9adc, name=0x84852f0 "blank.h", conditional=true)
     at ACWeaver.cc:491
#3  0x0804e32d in ACWeaver::aspect_includes (this=0xbfbfe5d0,
     includes=@0xbfbc9adc, conditional=true) at ACWeaver.cc:476
#4  0x0804de95 in ACWeaver::insert_aspect_includes (this=0xbfbfe5d0,
     vm=@0xbfbfe4c0, u=0x8489440, header=false) at ACWeaver.cc:405
#5  0x0804d9e4 in ACWeaver::insert_aspect_includes (this=0xbfbfe5d0,
     vm=@0xbfbfe4c0, cc_units=@0xbfbfe3b0, h_units=@0xbfbfe3d0)
     at ACWeaver.cc:354
#6  0x0804d21a in ACWeaver::weave (this=0xbfbfe5d0) at ACWeaver.cc:271
#7  0x0809d06d in main (argc=6, argv=0xbfbfe844) at ac++.cc:42

/Carsten V. Munk

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