[aspectc-user] concrete aspects: can or can not be inherited from?

Panu Bloigu panu.bloigu at mbnet.fi
Wed Mar 28 14:44:41 CEST 2007


> sorry for the late reply. In my opinion it does not make sense to support
> classes that inherit from (abstract or concrete) aspects. As your example shows,
> this could lead to conflicts with the aspect instantiation scheme. Therefore, I
> consider this behavior as a weaver bug.

Fair enough. You're right in that it probably doesn't make any sense, or 
at least I can't think of a reason why that would be needed. I didn't 
need that feature either -- it was just an experiment. I was surprised, 
however, when the usual "error: base aspect 'Base' is not abstract" did 
not appear. And it seemed like it could work.

Anyway, thanks for the clarification.


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