[aspectc-user] full template support?

Yi Huang huangyi7 at cse.msu.edu
Sun May 27 16:51:33 CEST 2007

Hi Folks,

I find out that the latest version of AspectC++ cannot wrap
joinpoints where functions have template return type or parameter
type in the form: A<B>, where B is a user defined class. If I use
--real-instances switch to compile my programs, there dumps tons
of compilation errors due to undefined symbols '__puma_XXX'.
When I read CodeWeaver.cc, the related code of type reference in
that form appears as TODO. This kind of template type reference
is important to our research. I'm wondering if full template support
will be included in the next release of AspectC++? And how long
do I have to wait for the next release?

Another doubt is that if PUMA has provided to AspectC++ adequate
information about the input C++ program to do template type

Thanks for all your help!


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