[aspectc-user] A Roadmap for AspectC++

Javier Estrada JEstrada at plantcml.com
Mon Oct 29 20:31:53 CET 2007

I've been following this technology with great interest for a couple of
years--or more--and believe there is a lot of potential in incorporating
aspects in C++.  I even bought the add-in for Visual Studio and have
played with it.

Ten months ago I posted noticed that there has been no visible update on
the compiler--which I believe is still at the pre1.03--and it seems to
still be the case.

As another interesting note, have you noticed that the amount of
postings has diminished considerably?  It seems to have peaked in 2004
and 2005, but from there it seems to be gradually going down.

I would like to kindly ask for a roadmap for the technology, or to know
if it's going to be in perpetual Beta.  Quoting Voltaire, "Don't let the
perfect be the enemy of the good."


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