[aspectc-user] Re: Segfault compiling code from SVN on Mac OS X

Stefan Marr aspectc at stefan-marr.de
Wed Dec 3 17:31:28 CET 2008


I am still struggling with this problem.
The next thing I've tried was weaving the code on a Ubuntu 8.10 where  
a '1.0pre4 svn'  package is available.
But unfortunately, now I get a segfault on linking while using the  
prewoven code on MacOSX:

Copying sources not to weave...
Generating library header files...
/bin/sh: line 1: 96230 Segmentation fault      ac++ -a /Users/smarr/ 
CCExprResolveCC.ah -a /Users/smarr/Projects/PhD/AspectC++/Puma/gen- 
release/step1/aspects/CCExprResolveH.ah -a /Users/smarr/Projects/PhD/ 
AspectC++/Puma/gen-release/step1/aspects/CExprResolveCC.ah -a /Users/ 
CExprResolveH.ah -a /Users/smarr/Projects/PhD/AspectC++/Puma/gen- 
release/step1/aspects/WinIfExists.ah -a /Users/smarr/Projects/PhD/ 
AspectC++/Puma/gen-release/step1/aspects/WinImportHandler.ah -a /Users/ 
WinMacros.ah -a /Users/smarr/Projects/PhD/AspectC++/Puma/gen-release/ 
step1/aspects/WinAsm.ah -a /Users/smarr/Projects/PhD/AspectC++/Puma/ 
gen-release/step1/aspects/WinDeclSpecs.ah -a /Users/smarr/Projects/PhD/ 
AspectC++/Puma/gen-release/step1/aspects/WinMemberExplSpec.ah -a / 
WinTypeKeywords.ah -a /Users/smarr/Projects/PhD/AspectC++/Puma/gen- 
release/step1/aspects/WinFriend.ah -a /Users/smarr/Projects/PhD/AspectC 
++/Puma/gen-release/step1/aspects/ExtAC.ah -a /Users/smarr/Projects/ 
PhD/AspectC++/Puma/gen-release/step1/aspects/ExtACBuilderH.ah -a / 
ExtACBuilderCC.ah -a /Users/smarr/Projects/PhD/AspectC++/Puma/gen- 
release/step1/aspects/ExtACSyntaxH.ah -a /Users/smarr/Projects/PhD/ 
AspectC++/Puma/gen-release/step1/aspects/ExtACSyntaxCC.ah -a /Users/ 
ExtACTree.ah -a /Users/smarr/Projects/PhD/AspectC++/Puma/gen-release/ 
step1/aspects/ExtACKeywords.ah -a /Users/smarr/Projects/PhD/AspectC++/ 
Puma/gen-release/step1/aspects/ExtGnu.ah -a /Users/smarr/Projects/PhD/ 
AspectC++/Puma/gen-release/step1/aspects/ExtGnuCSemDeclSpecs.ah -a / 
PragmaOnceUnitState.ah -a /Users/smarr/Projects/PhD/AspectC++/Puma/gen- 
release/step1/aspects/PragmaOnce.ah -a /Users/smarr/Projects/PhD/ 
AspectC++/Puma/gen-release/step1/aspects/TraceSyntax.ah -a /Users/ 
CMatchSyntax.ah -DNDEBUG -I /Users/smarr/Projects/PhD/AspectC++/Puma/ 
gen-release/step1/inc -I /Users/smarr/Projects/PhD/AspectC++/Puma/gen- 
release/step1/aspects -I /Users/smarr/Projects/PhD/AspectC++/Puma/gen- 
release/step1/src -r /Users/smarr/Projects/PhD/AspectC++/Puma/gen- 
release/puma.acp --config /Users/smarr/Projects/PhD/AspectC++/Puma/gen- 
release/puma.cfg --gen_size_type __SIZE_TYPE__ -i -p. -d/Users/smarr/ 
make[2]: *** [/Users/smarr/Projects/PhD/AspectC++/Puma/gen-release/ 
step2/.inc] Error 139
make[1]: *** [step2] Error 2
make: *** [src] Error 2

Any ideas how to proceed next?

Thanks and regards

On 02 Dec 2008, at 17:04, Stefan Marr wrote:

> Hi,
> I tried to compile the latest code from the SVN on Mac OS X, since  
> the current binaries available are already quite old :-/
> In the first step I installed the 1.0pre3 which is available on the  
> web site.
> Then I tried compiling the code from SVN, starting with
> -/Puma$ make TARGET=macosx-release
> Here I got an error referring to something like __attribute. So my  
> guess was, my GCC might be to old. (Mac OS X standard GCC is 4.01)
> So I installed gcc/g++ 4.3.2.
> Now I get a segfault while compiling:
> Copying sources not to weave...
> Calling ac++ on PreFileIncluder.cc...
> Calling ac++ on PreprocessorParser.cc...
> Calling ac++ on UnitManager.cc...
> Calling ac++ on CScanner.cc...
> Calling ac++ on CCBuilder.cc...
> make[2]: *** [/Users/smarr/Projects/PhD/AspectC++/Puma/gen-release/ 
> step2/src/CCBuilder.cc] Segmentation fault
> make[1]: *** [step2] Error 2
> make: *** [src] Error 2
> I would guess, that there is some bug in the public binary?
> ag++ 0.6  built: Mar 16 2006
> ac++ 1.0pre3 (Mar 16 2006)
> Would it be possible to either publish a new pre-release or some new  
> prewoven code?
> Or give me a hint what I could try else, please :)
> Thanks and regards
> Stefan

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