[aspectc-user] Advice for constructors/destructors with any name

Dima S spiridenok at tut.by
Fri Feb 15 16:45:51 CET 2008

I'm pretty new to AspectC++. I want to define an aspect that can be used for 
any constructor/destructor in my code base. With "any" i mean that class 
name can begin with any letter and is not limited to a predefined letter 
So i try something like that, but the resulting executable crashes:
advice construction ("%") : before () { printf( "constructor\n" ); }
Doing something like following works fine (it's also in exmaples), but 
limits me to specific letter combinations (in this case starting with "C"):
advice construction ("C%") : before () { printf( "constructor\n" ); }
How can i define a constructor/destructor that can be used with any class 

Thanks in advance! DimaS.

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