[aspectc-user] Visual Studio and ac++ ?

Matthias Urban matthias.urban at pure-systems.com
Wed Feb 27 13:00:03 CET 2008


there are several pitfalls when trying to weave VC++ source code. For 
example the implicit macro definitions, the underlying types of size_t 
and ptrdiff_t, some non-standard keywords, and last but not least the 
#import directive. I recommend to try the AspectC++ Add-In provided by 
pure-systems (the evaluation version is freely available at 

Best regards,

> 	I am currently trying to use ac++ with the samples I found in
> the win32 binary distrib.
> 	I tried it in both "environments" Visual Studio 7 and 8.
> 	Unfortunately, even after setting everything up like describe in
> README.win32 
> 	and the ac++ (weaver ?) online manual, the best I could achieve
> was something like :
> ...
> 	As you can see I added Visual Studio 8 include directories in
> the puma configuration file.
> 	I had the same behavior when I tried to refer to Visual Studio
> .Net (vc7) include directories.
> 	It seems that Puma is having trouble handling Windows C++
> pragma's, even after turning on the --vc option.
> 	I guess I've missed an important step during my try to use
> Aspect C++, but I can not figure out which one it is.
> 	Maybe a missing parameter that I should put in the puma
> configuration file ?

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