[aspectc-user] Visual Studio and ac++ ?

Matthias Urban matthias.urban at pure-systems.com
Wed Feb 27 14:58:11 CET 2008


it's definitely not a "piece of cake" to use ac++ directly on VC++ code, 
but it's also not a nightmare. I don't exactly know all changes between 
VC7 and VC8. But I know that at least new keywords were introduced. If 
you have access to a VS2003, then install the AspectC++ Add-In and look 
how it solves these problems (there is a configuration file with 
#defines and some required declarations in an extra header file that is 
automatically included, the Add-In log file contains the corresponding 
ac++ call).

When the next ac++ release is out (in the near future), then a new 
AspectC++ Add-In should be available (for VC7 and for VC8) too.

Best regards,

> 	In fact I have access to both environments because the software in 
> 	which one I'd like to introduce aspect usage started its life cycle 
> 	with pre Visual Studio 8 versions (VC6 then VC7).
> 	But it has recently moved to VC8 in the main development branch.
> 	As using AOP is only relevant in this branch and the available 
> 	AspectC plug-in is referenced as working only with VC7, I thought the 
> 	direct usage of ac++.exe with VC8 was my only option.
> 	Am I wrong ?
> 	If I'm not, is it THAT complex to use ac++ directly (ranking from
> 	"Nightmare" to "piece of cake") ?
> 	Reading the ac++ weaver online documentation makes me feel like it's 
> 	possible.

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