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Francisco Afonso afonsofc at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 24 15:19:01 CET 2008


This message follows an October/2007 thread:


I am still receiving a "segmentation fault" from ac++ when weaving for the second time. 

To check if the problem belongs to my code, I wrote a very simple example.
The first weaving is supposed to affect the following files:

#ifndef __classA_h_
#define __classA_h_

class A {
   void doSomething1(); 
   void doSomething2(); 


#include <stdio.h>
#include "classA.h"

void A::doSomething1() {
  printf("in myClass1::doSomething1\n");

void A::doSomething2() {
  printf("in myClass1::doSomething2\n");


#ifndef __exec_ah__
#define __exec_ah__
#include <stdio.h>

aspect myAspect {
  advice execution("% A::doSomething%(...)") : before()  {
     printf("advice before(exec) %s\n", JoinPoint::signature());


This code is in folder named "lib". The woven include files are generated by the following command line executed in the parent directory:

ac++ -v1 --config puma.config -I lib  -p lib  -d lib-inc -i

So, the folder lib-inc is created by ac++ with the woven files classA.h and exec.ah.

For the application, I have the following main.cc file in the "app" folder.

//------------- main.cc --------------
#include <stdio.h>
#include "classA.h"

int main() {
  A a1;

The folder structrure is now:
- test (where ac++ is always called)
---- lib
---- lib-inc
---- app

In the app I have no aspects yet. Sill I try to use ac++ with the following command line from the "test" folder.

ac++ -v9 --config puma.config -I lib-inc  -p app  -d app-out

The result is:

[fafonso at pc-fca-at-g weavetwice]$ ./weave2b
* Running ac++ 1.0pre3
* Simple Dependency Check
* Handling Translation Unit `main.cc'.
  - Path "app/main.cc"
  - Inserting namespace AC
  - Parsing ...
./weave2b: line 1:  4364 Segmentation fault      

Considering that is possible to weave more than one time in AspectC++. I suppose that either there is a bug or I am doing something wrong.

Any help?

Francisco Afonso

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