[aspectc-user] ac++ fails at asm-keyword

J. Liebig joerg.liebig at st.ovgu.de
Fri Jun 13 12:29:45 CEST 2008


> you might want to try a simple trick:
> #ifdef __puma
>     #define asm(CODE)
> #endif
this works for me.

> that replaces asm() statements with nothing.
> I haven't checked but don't one have to put curly braces {} around asm 
> statements?
The asm-definition in the book "The C++ Programming Language" by Bjarne 
Stroustrup says:
asm( string-literal ) ;

But another question appears now. I'm using the avr-glibc. Since this is 
a C-library, I'd like to
know, how far is the compatibility of the aspectc++ concerning C.


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