[aspectc-user] Execution advice for variable argument list functions

Stefan Marr aspectc at stefan-marr.de
Sun May 11 13:48:13 CEST 2008


I'm currently using AspectC++ to modularize a C program.
After some small adjustments it compiles fine with g++ and fortunately 
even with Ag++ :)
First, I got some problems with the used macros which emulate object 
orientation in C with virtual tables and stuff, but now I switched to 
the latest SVN source of AspectC++ and it work except some annoying 
warnings, cause the object layout is defined using macros.

But, now I'm trying to use aspects on functions with variable number of 
arguments and I got into trouble.

Have found the following bug report
mentioning that execution advices for functions with variable argument 
lists is not working.

Is this still true? And if so, would it be easy to fix? If you give me a 
helping hand I would try to fix this.
At the moment I would need this feature, since some of the functions we 
are using have variable argument list and are called through our OO 
emulation and function pointers in a vtable. Call advices aren't applied 

The execution advice seams to be applied in the right place, but the 
generated code is wrong. Main problem is, that tjp seams to be defined 
as an "int" and therefore tjp->proceed(); fails.

Kind Regards
Stefan Marr

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