[aspectc-user] Current SVN version not self-compilable and aspectc.org down

Olaf Spinczyk os at aspectc.org
Thu Feb 19 16:43:48 CET 2009


the current svn version can compile itself now. We had to fix a few 

- Olaf

Stefan Marr wrote:
> Hi Olaf,
>>> Since I tried to use AspectC++ on the CacaoVM, this causes some
>>> problems for my. Unfortunately, I do not remember a "good" revision
>>> number of the SVN :(
>> I know that the latest AspectC++ version from the SVN repository has a
>> problem to compile itself. Sorry, but there are several modifications
>> going on in the parser at the moment and somehow a bug got into the
>> repository, which we haven't found yet. I hope that I can tell you more
>> by tomorrow evening. Meanwhile you could try AspectC++/Puma from 31 Dec
>> 2008.
> Even if self-compiling is not the best test case, I hope it is a 
> sufficient one.
> With the attached script, I have found that Puma svn rev 317 along 
> with the AspectC++ revision from the same date is self-compiling.
> Hope it will work with CacaoVM as well.
> Kind regards
> Stefan
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