[aspectc-user] Vocabulary question

David Come davidbrcz at gmail.com
Sat Jun 13 14:56:28 CEST 2009

Hi all.
I've a simple and dummy question about vocabulary.

There is a simple code:

aspect Trace
  advice execution("% foo(...)"): before()
  std::cout<<"Before foo"<<std::endl;

#include <iostream>

void foo(int i){std::cout<<"foo/int: "<<i<<std::endl;}
void foo(const std::string& s){std::cout<<"foo/string: "<<s<<std::endl;}

int main()
  foo("Hi World");
  return 0;

In this exemple , we have:

2 joins points: void foo(int){} and void foo(const std::string& s){}
1 pointcut: (call("% foo(...)") composed by 1 pointcut expression (call("%

If the advice had been advice call("% ...::foo(...)") && within("A"):
before(),  we would have had:
The same joints points
1 poincut composed by 2 poincut expression call("% ...::foo") and
within("A") which are bind by &&.

Am I right ?

David Côme.
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