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Matthias.Ritter at metop.de Matthias.Ritter at metop.de
Tue Mar 10 11:01:03 CET 2009


I'm programming an analysing tool for c++ code.
I'm using the AspectC++ Add-In for Visual Studio .NET (2003).
I tried to weave a thread into the application, starting before the 
main-function is executed.
The code looks like this:

DWORD bar(void* param)
                        // do something
                        return 0;

advice Main() : before()
                myThread = CreateThread( NULL, 0, bar, (void*)&ThreadArgs, 
0, (LPDWORD)&myThreadId );

Unfortunately the Aspectc++ compiler fails cause he wants to convert the 
third parameter from 'DWORD (void*)' into 'LPTHREAD_START_ROUTINE' !

Normally the "CreateThread"-function exactly needs this kind of call and 
the bar-function always has this return-value, but is there a solution for 
this problem using Aspectc++ ?

kind regards
Matthias Ritter
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